Old Man in Sixty Blowing Saxophone’s Self-Improvement Life

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An eatery stand, a handful of saxophones, an old man of sixty interprets his life in a funny way.
A 60-year-old man in the market sells cakes here. In his spare time, he plays a few songs with a saxophone. The beautiful and moving melody attracted many music lovers to come and sing along.

When he brings joy to others, he is happy to indulge himself.
Put a handful of eye-catching saxophones on the cake stand
Reporters came to the market to find the Shi Zhongxue, he is busy doing pancake. Less than two meters on the stall, surrounded by three or four young people to buy pancakes. At the back of the stall was a small radio beside the chopping board, broadcasting the morning news, beside a handful of golden saxophones.
The reporter and he chatted up. The old man told of selling breakfast and wholesaling vegetables in Beijing in the early years. He said the air here is good, comfortable living, people of high quality, both adults and children are particularly polite, and do not exclude outsiders.
According to him, he had played the flute, the electronic organ and the erhu since he was a teenager, but he had never had a special teacher to teach him.
When it comes to saxophones, it all starts with a TV show. One day, he was intoxicated by the musical melody of the famous Northland Spring and Homecoming played by an actor on a TV show. The melody still lingered in his mind after the show. That night, he secretly made a decision to have his own saxophone.
When I was a child, I was too poor to buy a saxophone. Now, the two sons are home, the family also have no burden, want to put the childhood regret back. He talked with his wife and said he wanted to buy a saxophone, and she understood. At the beginning of the year he finally had his own saxophone. He said: “It cost 2800 yuan.”
Bring music with you. Learn to play by yourself.
With the saxophone, how to play a beautiful song?he was worried. Spending money on formal school, time and money are not allowed, and it is not realistic to find a private teacher. So he spent his spare time selling cakes thinking about saxophones and practicing playing tunes whenever he could. More than two months, with his love of art and painstaking study, he finally played a complete tune. The reporter discovers, there is a clip on the edge of booth, inside it is him to download from the net with paper, copy and the scores of scores that hand copy a few songs.
He told reporters that no matter when he was happy or upset, he would play a song with his beloved saxophone. Chinese New Year back home when someone engaged in wedding ceremony, friends know that he will play saxophone, invited him to play saxophone fun. Spring in the North, Long Live Love, Love Song in the World of Mortals are all his masterpieces. Although the practice time is not long, but the skill of playing still unanimously praised.
Blowing saxophones attracts fans
Playing saxophone in his spare time became a promotional ploy for him to learn to sell cakes, and many people went to his stall to buy one.
Not only that, but after months of blowing the saxophone, he found that his body had changed, his breathing was even, and he clearly felt his lung capacity had increased. Actually, I’m just playing the happy game, “he said modestly, picking up the saxophone and hanging it to his chest.” He carefully took the reed out of the whistle box and placed it on the top of the flute. Then he inserted it into the back of the pipe and connected it to the master. A euphemistic and melodious with metal brightness of the “Northern Spring”, slowly flowing from the saxophone, holding the saxophone, accompanied by warm spring breeze gently shaking the body, completely intoxicated with the charm of the saxophone.
The beautiful music attracted shoppers in the market and elderly people who were doing morning exercises nearby. Soon, surrounded by many fans stopped to listen. Sometimes more than 20 people come to sing along with his music.
The old man’s spirit of learning from Saxophone, and his tenacity of living on his own, is worth learning for the next generation of young people.

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