My first experience with saxophone

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The first time I came into contact with Saxophone was when I was very young. I remember hearing the sounds coming from a house with a yard in the evening. I didn’t know it was the sax.
I didn’t know it was saxophone until I saw it on TV once. At that time, the sound of saxophone music has been buried in the heart.
Later, on my way to school in town, I came across a funeral procession and a send-off procession. There were bands playing. I would stop for a moment and look at the saxophone players.
A lot of people studied guitar at college, but I went out of my way to get to know the Saxophone community, but I didn’t. At that time the heart should be some regret. But also secretly breathed a sigh of relief, after all, saxophone not cheap.

Gradually grew up, due to busy work and life trivial, so I have no time to enjoy such a beautiful instrument.
Some time ago, when I took a walk after dinner, the sound of Erhu always came from a family in the village. It is said that it is an entertainment program of an old man after dinner.
Can the musical instrument’s person, the life can quite enrich some. All kinds of bad mood, can be resolved through music.
Saxophone is also such a musical instrument, the timbre Wan turns melodiously, exquisite has the soul feeling to be able to let you immerse deeply in which cannot extricate oneself.
I was thinking, wait for the baby big to learn some musical instruments, variety is not limited, of course, the best is sax. So that I can go home to teach me. After learning, mother and son blow together ah, the screen feeling is too strong, think of all feel good.




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